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Anna McLaughlin

Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
For appointments and enquiries please call: 0845 269 6319

Located in the heart of the historic city of Chester, this busy private practice provides a
rare relaxing bubble of serenity tucked away from the bustle of the outside world.

Dedicated to providing the highest quality of care, Anna has generated an
individualised package specifically-tailored to address each of your health needs.
Through her combined academic training (initially a graduate in Physiology and later
completing another degree in Chinese Medicine) Anna offers a unique balance
between western science and eastern philosophy towards understanding a fully
integrative picture of your health.

Used for centuries to promote health in the absence of disease, Acupuncture is a very
safe, completely natural and often potent treatment able to generate and maintain an
optimum state of health and wellbeing.

Owing to a steadily growing body of scientific research, Acupuncture has been
embraced by many of the western medical community as an appropriate treatment for
many health complaints, including use alongside conventional medical treatments to
reduce their side effects and also as an independent treatment in its own right.

Please get in touch to find out more how Acupuncture can benefit you.
Studios 5 & 6,    Ironmonger House,    96 Northgate Street,    Chester,   Cheshire    CH1 2HT
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