Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does acupuncture hurt?
No, not usually. Acupuncture needles are specifically designed to slide skilfully past
tissues rather than puncture them. Mild discomfort of acupoints after treatment
occasionally occurs, but this is usually a good therapeutic sign that the energy is still

  • What happens during an acupuncture session?
Anna will conduct a consultation where she will take a detailed record of your medical
history and assess your current health situation using a TCM analysis. Based on the
TCM diagnosis, Anna will choose a specific selection of acupuncture points and the
acupuncture needles are retained in the skin for roughly 20-30 minutes before their
removal and disposal for incineration.

  • How does cosmetic acupuncture differ to regular acupuncture?
A regular acupuncture session treats your whole health picture by addressing the
immediate symptoms and the underlying energetic imbalance. A cosmetic acupuncture
session incorporates both a regular acupuncture treatment and includes additional
facial acupuncture to deliver cosmetic benefits. Therefore cosmetic acupuncture
treatment sessions usually take longer than regular acupuncture sessions.

  • How do Tui Na and Acupressure differ to other types of massage?
The uses & applications of Tui Na Chinese massage are much more diverse than those
of other types of massage. Tui Na massage encompasses a wide variety of techniques
from deep tissue massage to gentle facial and scalp massage. Also, in contrast to other
types of massage, a Tui Na massage treatment can be tailored to treat any complaint
from low energy, common cold and headache to relieving muscle/joint pain, easing
digestive complaints and promoting weight loss.

  • How does TCM work?
In a nutshell: by analysing and consequently addressing the balance of Qi (vital
energy) throughout the body and mind.

  • What are TCM treatments good for?
Acupuncture, Acupressure, Tui Na Chinese Massage and Reiki are each very effective
for pain-relief
and for balancing mind, energy and mood, while Chinese herbal medicine
gives additional benefit to treat stubborn/complex conditions. With any TCM treatment
there are often multiple benefits; commonly including improved mood, energy and
quality of sleep along with pain control and better digestion. For more information see
Common Conditions page.

  • How many treatments will I need and how often?
This question has similar parameters to that of choosing an appropriate treatment
method. The number of treatments required varies on an individual basis, but generally
acute conditions respond to a short course of frequent treatments (2-to-4 treatments,
twice weekly) while chronic stubborn conditions benefit from longer courses of
treatments at greater intervals (a course of 6-to-8 weekly treatments followed by
regular monthly maintenance sessions is recommended). Often the benefits of TCM are
cumulative and build on previous sessions, therefore the key to health is regular

  • Will it interact with my western medication?
It is strongly advised that you do not stop taking your western medication without
consulting your GP or your prescribing physician. TCM and western medicine are
compatible. Acupuncture has become popular within mainstream western health care
and has been shown to effectively treat undesirable side-effects of western medications
including chemotherapy.

  • Are there any side effects?
TCM treatments are extremely safe when performed by an accredited practitioner. Very
occasionally some symptoms can worsen for up to 48 hours post-treatment, but this is
often a good sign that the treatment is working as the energy of the body is brought
back into balance and harmony.
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