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Client Testimonials
Dear Anna,
I would like to thank you very much for my treatment during the various sessions of
Acupuncture that you have undertaken and for the Chinese Medicine Treatments that
you have prescribed me.
I was very impressed with the time taken at our initial consultation and prior to
subsequent treatments to review my health and for the way you explained exactly what
you were going to do and what I should expect - your manner was very professional,
considerate and reassuring.
The benefits I have received have been many and reach far beyond the reasons I first
came to you. As a result of the combination of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, I
• am more motivated!
• have more energy!
• am more focussed!
• feel more relaxed!
I will be recommending you to friends, relatives, colleagues and clients. Once again
thank you.
Brian (Mold, Flintshire)
PS. The needles didn't hurt at all!
"I recently met Anna at a networking event and she immediately struck me as a very
smart, passionate and ambitious individual. I have never considered acupuncture or
Chinese medicine before and had no real ailments to make me think I needed any but
after chatting with Anna I found myself fascinated and drawn into this interesting subject
- her knowledge and passion for her specialism were really compelling and so I booked
a session. The treatment was truly amazing and I felt fantastic afterwards - Anna asked
me lots of questions to understand what my real needs were and she obviously hit the
nail on the head because the effect from just one short session was that I felt refreshed
and energized afterwards.
I will certainly be going back for more. Acupuncture is so much more than I realised - its
not just about back pain etc it can also work wonders for stress and can be used for
preventative medicine (such as avoiding getting ill whilst on holiday). If you are in the
North West I would recommend going to see Anna at her Chester clinic - you won't be
Mark (Kelsall, Cheshire)
"I have recently retired from a career in the law, which included a period of judicial
office. Having been severely myopic since childhood and having injured various limbs
from time to time, physical pain and the emotional consequences of the above have
been companions for many years. So I am no stranger to the medical profession and
indeed more recently to those who practice in the complementary field. I was born of a
generation to whom respected practitioners were invariably of mature years. A number
of therapists I have consulted have suggested that I should try acupuncture, but until
recently I had always shied away for fear of the needles. But I chanced to meet a
seasoned professional who introduced me to the needle with considerable beneficial
effect and my fear was overcome. But she moved away, and so in my search for
another I was introduced to Anna. My first thoughts were “but she is so young!”
However my experience of over a dozen sessions with her, during which I have barely
felt a needle, have dispelled any such doubts. I now have a treatment on a fairly regular
basis. She is not only most personable, but also extremely knowledgeable about her
craft. Furthermore, she has a delightful warm, re-assuring manner, and displays a clear
passion for her work, which she undertakes with an underlying deep spirituality, which
together with a profound understanding of the human condition, in my view, make her
an accomplished practitioner."
Michael (Chester, Cheshire)
Dear Anna,
I am writing to thank you for all your help and assistance that you have given me over
recent months. As you know I run my own firm of Chartered Accountants on the Wirral
and being available for my clients and staff is very important to me. Having suffered with
what is commonly known as a slipped disc for a number of years I was finding the pain
debilitating at times. This was affecting my attendance, performance and mood both at
home and at the office. After receiving treatment from you for this condition I can
wholeheartedly say that the pain has reduced considerably and that my overall
wellbeing has increased enormously. I have to confess I was slightly apprehensive
about having such treatment, not only of the perceived pain associated with needles
(which I now know don't hurt at all) but because my knowledge of this subject and those
that practise acupuncture was limited. You explained all the processes, benefits,
terminology and effects at all stages of the consultancy making me feel comfortable and
secure in your care. I would not hesitate to recommend you to friends, family and
contacts both for treatment and also in a preventative capacity. Many thanks again and
I look forward to more treatments with you.
Jan (Birkenhead, Wirral)
"Anna undertook a detailed holistic approach, before applying Acupuncture. During
each session she listened attentively, asked the key questions, monitored bodily
functions and applied the appropriate measures. I have no doubt that Anna has helped
me so far, in addressing my health issues and in helping to circumvent more serious
issues in arising, to date. I will employ Anna again in the future, as and when the need
arises and have no hesitation in recommending Anna to anyone who is open minded to
alternative therapies. I wish you continued success Anna."
Ken (Nantwich, Cheshire)
Dear Anna,
I just wanted to thank you for your help over the past year for myself and family
members who you have assisted in making feel much better with your excellent holistic
approach to our general health issues. Your advice has been invaluable and I have no
hesitation in passing on your details to anyone who could benefit from your excellent
service, which is everybody as far as I am concerned. Thank you once again.
Steve (Burton, Wirral)
Dear Anna,
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the advice and treatments you have given me.
I have been suffering with pain in my knee for many years and within one treatment I
found a significant improvement, after the second treatment I have no pain at all. For
12months I have worked with a physiotherapist and an osteopath to improve my leg and
none have had the impact nor speed of recovery compared to you. You have improved
my day-to-day life significantly and I can't thank you enough. I would happily
recommend your services to everyone I meet. Thanks for all your help.
Yours, “The Converted” Nick (Chester, Cheshire)
Dear Anna,
I decided to start having acupuncture as I had a very stressful time approaching. I was
a bit sceptical but had heard you talking about how it can help with stress. I can
honestly say I am now an acupuncture convert as I could feel a difference after the first
treatment. As well as coping with stress better, I am also sleeping much better, my
migraines have reduced significantly and I have more energy than I have had in a long
time; it is true that acupuncture treats the whole body and not just one symptom. I can't
thank you enough and I would highly recommend you to anyone. I will be spreading the
word on how good acupuncture is and how knowledgeable and professional you are. It
is a pleasure to be treated by you.
Kind regards, Sandra (Birkenhead, Wirral)
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