Common Conditions

The system of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) views the mind and the physical
body as an integrated whole where both are connected and each affects the other.

TCM theory explains how seemingly unrelated diseases are connected and how
Acupuncture is able to address more than one complaint at the same time. A great
advantage of Acupuncture treatment is it's two-pronged approach; simultaneously
treating both the disease symptoms
and the underlying cause(s) to prevent recurrence.

Most importantly, as both a system of medicine and a philosophy for living, TCM
transforms illness into an enriched awareness of the choices that effect your health,
thus puts you back in the driver's seat, giving you back control over your health picture.

Prevention is Better than Cure

In the West, so long as you aren't "sick" you are considered healthy and are only
recommended to seek "health care" once illness has already taken a toll on your health.

That imbalance results in disease is predictable; the real question is not if or when we
will get ill... but how quickly we respond and recover. How much do we have to suffer
and how bad do we have let health deteriorate before we seek to remedy it?

The worst kept secret of Acupuncture and TCM is that you don't have to be "sick" to
benefit. In the East, Acupuncture and TCM treatments are used when you are well, to
care for health, promoting and maintaining an optimum picture. There are many ways to
take advantage of this valuable treatment benefit.
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Common conditions which can benefit from

Great acclaim in the treatment of pain and mood disorders has resulted in acupuncture
being approved by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for the treatment of over 70

WHO (2003) published a report (
Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on
Clinical Trials), which states acupuncture has advantage over western drugs in that it is
non-toxic; acupuncture is comparable to morphine preparations in its effectiveness
against chronic pain without the adverse effects of morphine such as dependency.

  • Pain: sports injury, muscle and joint pains, stiffness and immobility, arthritis,
    osteoporosis, cancer-related pain, menstrual cramps and low back pain, tennis
    elbow, neck/shoulder pain, sciatic and hip pain, weak/stiff/painful knees and
    ankles, heel bursitis, plantar faciitis, fallen arches (of the feet),
    migraine/headache, cervical spondalopathy, cervical spondylosis, TGN
    (trigeminal neuralgia) and TMJ (temperomandibular joint) pain, toothache, jaw
    ache, jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

  • Mind/ mood/ energy: panic, phobia, anxiety, stress, depression, insomnia,
    restlessness and agitation, diabetes, metabolic disorder, excess body weight and
    obesity, thyroid problems, eating disorders, ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS),
    fibromyalgia, substance/alcohol/smoking addictions and withdrawal.

  • Blood and Circulation: hypertension, oedema, swelling and puffiness of the
    limbs, blood-pressure problems, angina, pain in the chest, COAD/COPD, heart
    palpitations and varicose veins.

  • Chest/ allergies/ immunity: asthma, bronchitis, hay-fever, tonsillitis, common
    cold and chemotherapy/radiotherapy-related weakened immunity.

  • Gynaecological: all aspects of pre-natal, peri-natal and post-natal care,
    morning sickness, anaemia, induction for delayed labour, heavy/painful periods,
    PMS, menopausal symptoms, PCOS (poly-cystic ovary syndrome), infertility,
    supporting IVF and fertility treatments.

  • Skin: stretch marks, dryness, warts, verucas, acne, eczema and psoriasis.

  • Digestion: abdominal pain/bloating/indigestion, constipation/diarrhoea, irritable
    bowel (IBS), nausea and vomiting: morning sickness, travel sickness and

  • Neurological: Bell's palsy, TIA and stroke, post-surgical pain and recovery,

Also, while TCM does not claim to cure it can be useful to manage discomfort of, and
also be of great comfort for chronic illnesses such as Cancer, Parkinson’s, Multiple
Sclerosis (MS) and Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

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above conditions, please
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