Health Promotion and TCM

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient medical system with a core holistic
"whole-person" approach; providing both a structure to evaluate health-defining
behaviours and promote positive change.

"There exist no miraculous methods in the world, only plain ones,
but the perfection of the plain is miraculous."
                                        ---- Fei Bo-xiong

The key objective is to achieve integration, balance and harmony of all mind and body
functions, and to achieve this TCM employs treatments such as:

And you don't even have to be "sick" to benefit....
.....Acupuncture for minor maladies

Through its ability to cultivate wellness, TCM prepares us to withstand the storm without
being disabled by it and therefore reaches far beyond just issues of physical ill-health.

Take for example each day you suffer from a perennial lethargy and by mid afternoon
you are overwhelmed with a mental fatigue which renders you unfocused and
unproductive for several hours.

Add to this, you have perishing cold extremities despite that the rest of you is warm and
your lower back aches periodically, you have an insatiable craving for sweet foods, are
prone to worry and a good quality, restful night's sleep is so rare an occurrence that
getting out of bed each morning is a monumental effort, and after which this daily cycle
starts all over again.

If you had never before thought to connect these minor sufferings you would be
forgiven, as our modern health care system would dismiss these as common and
"normal". In TCM, each of the above minor symptoms assumes a new meaning within a
much greater picture and has the potential to respond well to Acupuncture treatment.
So the real question is, why suffer?

When to have Acupuncture

Now?! You can begin having Acupuncture at anytime as even minor bothersome
complaints add up to a picture which portrays less than optimal health. Therefore
although you are not "ill", you can always feel better!

So why wait till it's broken? Prevention is always better than cure and taking advantage
of this valuable benefit of Acupuncture could be in the form of:

  • Regular monthly acupuncture treatments in the absence of illness to promote
    and maintain an optimum health picture
  • A short course of weekly acupuncture sessions at the turn of each season to
    boost immunity and prevent seasonal illnesses such as common colds and flu
  • A short course of acupuncture sessions prior to travel to maintain health while on
  • Or, an intense short course of acupuncture treatments as soon as an illness is
    beginning to develop to prevent it gaining a hold on your health

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