Usui Reiki

Reiki is a universal energy healing technique which uses a "laying on of hands"
approach, which involves a gentle placing of the practitioner's hands on or near areas
of the body such as the head, abdomen, back, hands and feet. Treatments are carried
out fully clothed, in a sitting position or lying down.

Reiki works by re-balancing the energy of the body and mind, and can be used to treat
any illness and to promote and maintain good health. Reiki also has profound benefits
by its ability to help promote wound healing, relieve pain and reduce stress.

Reiki, is incredibly relaxing and is therefore a useful treatment to promote
stress-reduction and as Reiki is a complete holistic treatment, it can be used to treat
any health complaint, although it has a much more subtle effect than acupuncture.

Usui Reiki originates from Japan, having first been discovered in the early 1900's by Dr
Mikao Usui.Pronounced "ray-kee", Reiki comes from two Japanese words;
Rei and Ki.
Rei translates as "the universal" and Ki translates as "life energy". An integral part of
the ancient wisdom of many cultures recognises a powerful life energy which flows
through all living things and directly affects the quality of health. In Traditional Chinese
Medicine (TCM) this "life energy" is called
Qi (pronounced "chee").

Reiki differs from most other types of healing as it does not involve transmission of the
practitioner's own energy. As Reiki is a channelling of a
universal energy external to the
physical body and which is accessible to everyone. Reiki has no harmful effects and
can be used by anyone, of any constitution including adults, children, infants and even
animals. Reiki is both safe and complementary to western medical treatments and can
often help to reduce their side-effects.
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